“Bathu” is a common universal slang word primarily used in townships across South Africa to describe a shoe. Bathu was established in 2015, in a local township (Alexandra). It has now grown exponentially over the years, with 32 stores nationwide and a staff complement of over 300 employees, who are predominantly youth. 

The Bathu story is more than just a story of sneakers. It's a story of owning your destiny, staying true to who you are, persevering, following your dreams and doing something you are passionate about. It’s a story of walking your journey. We are more than just a sneaker business but a beacon of hope that each person has valid and attainable dreams regardless of background and unfavourable personal circumstances.

The Bathu tagline, “Walk your Journey”, is centred around our mission statement of reigniting hope and creating sustainable employment. We believe everyone is on a journey; ours is to equip, ignite and enable that journey.


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The Vision

After months of feasibility studies, and being rejected by 13 different shoe factories - Theo Baloyi's perseverance pays off and the Mesh Edition Sneaker is born.

Bathu's First Store

Bathu bought it's first delivery vehicle and opened it's first physical store in Newtown Junction Mall in Johannesburg, South Africa.

100 Jobs Created

Part of Theo Baloyi's pillars for Bathu from the start was to create 100 meaningful jobs. In 2020 this was achieved.

Truly African Brand

In 2021, Bathu was ranked 9th in Africa's most recognisable brands. This was an achievement in our mission towards being a truly African brand and one that validated all the hard work.

Sneaker Tech

The Switch 1120 Sneaker flips traditional technology on its head with incredible heel, and ligament support and a unique lace up system, drawn from cycling technology.


More in store coming your way. Watch this space!

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